Shady Survival Tips

Driving: DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT use GPS to get to the location. Many have tried and ended up in kansas…..Instead, use the directions, they are spot on!
Camping: There is an area available for car camping. There aren’t so many trees, so pop ups and other shade is encouraged for all camping areas.
LEAVE NO TRACE: Pack in, pack it out! Bring plenty of garbage bags and be sure to take it all with you.
FIres: There are absolutely NO FIRES of any kind. The land is dry and we ant everyone to be safe.
Food n drinks: The Ultra crepe truck is coming and there will also be chai and a few other drinks available. We encourage you to bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
DO NOT FEED THE DJs or poke them with sticks.
DO bust out the viking gear. those found wearing helmets may score a free CD :D