Jahbo (Parvati Records)

The psytrance wizard, he is known for morphing soundscapes, wobbling basslines, and an immense potion of the right humor spangled with a lot of twisted effects and surrealistic leads, which are a defined earmark of Jahbo tracks. He has been playing all around the globe at almost all the big festivals with his exceptional live gigs and absorbing sets.

Onkel Dunkel (Parvati Records)

And another of our favorite vikings, he will be sure to take us on massively groovy and mental journey!
Onkel Dunkel is the solo project of Monno, member of G.O.W.
The goal is, with music as a medium, to let people listening be able to go into a state that is normally not possible to reach in our noisy environments. With technology as an intermediary he will work as hard as he can to reintegrate human consciousness with nature.

Mubali (Parvati Records)

Mubali is the musical project of Greg Farley, originally based in Monterey, California. He came from a classical music background, due to playing viola for 9 years in school, as well as a funk and soul upbringing. He has been involved in electronic music as a whole since 2000, after being converted to the dj culture by Burning Man and Dj Dice. Mubali has performed on stages all around the world and at many festivals, including Boom Festival and Full Moon Festival. He has 2 album releases on Trishula Records and countless solo and collaborative works and is currently on Parvati Records. One of his side projects include a collaboration with Onkel Dunkel, named Speakerhuggers, which is a project that has started making it’s emergence on dancefloors all around the globe. und the globe.

Rev (Doof/Boom Shankar Records)

Troy Leidich was born and raised in the USA and began his musical career as a successful saxophone player. He had met a Dutch guy in the States through an exchange program and stayed in touch and decided to go to Holland to see the music scene there. He was quite lucky and through him was invited to some studios to work on some projects and learn how it’s all working. Since then he got familiar with the psychedelic crowd in Amsterdam and started traveling around Europe looking for trance festivals. Troy started making trance music in 1996 together with Bonky and in 1997 together with Ramamurti. With him they founded the project Fungus Of Light. Today, he makes his own groovy psychedelic music as Rev, and has a sideproject with Zebra-N, ccL.

Osman Gayatree (Blue Hour sounds)

A bright rising star in the international psytrance circuit, was born and raised near the Ural Mountains of Siberia in 1981. Upon leaving Russia for London in 2003, he began his psychedelic pursuit, returning to Russia in summers to host the infamous Day&Night club parties and play for the BK Festival. One phenomenal day in 2008 he arrived in Bali, Indonesia, where he met Baba D. of GC Sitaram Vision Tribe. Osman & Baba D. combined to organize fortnightly parties in the art space of Santa Mandala in Ubud, and the Gili Islands. 2009 saw their first psyfestival on the active volcano – Kintamani Awaredance. Since then, 3 successful volcano festivals have been hosted with GC Sitaram Vision Tribe. OSman currently plays and mixes 360″ styles – from the best of crystal psychedelic night sounds to deep, twisted progressive, groovy morning psy and intelligent chillout ambient.

Parus (Auraquake)

This a psychedelic trance music project of twin brothers Mark and Valentin Tarasov that was born in the summer of 2000. In 1996 they moved to California, and together with their older brother Eugene they formed a Russian rock band called Still Night. Valentin was on the keyboard and Mark playing the bass guitar. Soon after, they were introduced to trance music and the idea of Parus was born. It began with turntables in a Palo Alto apartment, evolving into a semi-professional studio in the garage of their house. By September of 2000, they were writing their own tracks as project Parus took sail. Parus has performed on numerous stages in America, Portugal and Japan, including an amazing performances at the Boom Festival in Portugal.

Zul (Psyslut, CA)

A main force and former-resident at Il Pirata’s infamous trance stomp Synchronize. His early influences include everything from hardcore to metal. These influences eventually led to the moniker Primal Engine where he explored the more Industrial end of the spectrum. Keeping the intensity without all the malice, psytrance is where his heart is and will most likely stay for a bit.”Zul was born to bring people together. An ultimate net-worker, his thoughts are directed out towards the world. From behind the turntables, he creates a magnetic field in front of him, electricity fills the air of the dance floor, and you feel that it is impossible to escape from the power of the music…”

Olowanpi (Red Marines, CA)

Lars Rudin’s DJ Career started in 96, and by the time his name became known he had played at many festivals in Switzerland, such as the Skarabaeus Festival, and across the world: Ibiza, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal Boom Festival, Mexico, Guatemala, Full moon Party in Koh Phangan Thailand and more…Now Lars lives and performs in San Francisco at many outdoor and indoor gatherings and is a beloved regular at the San Francisco LoveEvolution, Red Marines Festival, and HowWeird Street Fair. His mixing style is very skillful and precise; creating ecstatic dance floors. He likes to play longer sets to nurture a deeper connection between the audience and the music.

Infinite Sun (Pulse, CA)

Jenn has a knack for reading crowds and a reputation for making dance floors go off. Her musical style ranges from minimal techno, tech house, drum and bass, progressive, full-on, night-time and dark psytrance. Her sets are high energy with driving bass lines that will surely put you into a groove. In 2010 she teamed up with former member’s of g.o.a play productions and founded the Pulse SF collective. The PULSE SF collective has already established a reputation for creating masterfully produced psytrance events like the PULSE FAMILY GATHERING which are being praised world wide.

Audiodidakt (Alice-D Records)

Yariv Dorr s solo project. Hailing from Munich, Germany, Audiodidakt brings something reverential. One of the Co-Founder’s of Alice-D Records, his musical odyssey began in 2003 at a small Psytrance festival in Bavaria. Attracting quick attention all over Germany as a DJ, he quickly made the leap into his own production in 2007. With its frenetic energy and 3 dimensional flair, his sound paints a beautifully haunting and intense musical landscape that grabs the listener and shoves them into a visual frenzy. With his relentless basslines and toxic effects, the mood is dark and lurks in the woods. Having recently completed a tour that included, Spain, Germany, Austria, India, Israel, Mexico and Costa Rica – Audiodidakt has settled in California (for the mean time), to begin work on a E.P. which is planed for the end of July.


Asi is an experienced and versatile DJ with perfect mixing skills… Specializing in Electronic Music: PsyTrance , progressive electro , psychedelic , groove , Fullon , NightTrance , Dark ,Chillout and more .. Catch him on a dance floor near you.

Xipil (Red Marines, CA)

Alex is originally from Russia, and after moving to US in 2002 he discovered Psytrance music, which shared place in his heart along with techno music. After moving to California he had blasting experiences performing at Burning Man, Red Marines, Psychedelic Freak Show and Alchemy festivals. The range of his musical passion could be described as combination of analog sounds of Detroit techno with percussive pulse of Swedish techno followed by tickling mind Psychedelic sounds.


Helios (Raphael Pepi) & Random (Ross Dubois) are both accomplished producers on their own, together they create a unique hybrid style of music thats hard, funky, and especially psychedelic. With over 20 years collective experience in music production, MegaDrop’s focus on hard hitting dancefloor mechanics continues to break new ground in aural manipulation bringing the listener deep into the psychedelic dance experience. “The blast will be with you always. ”

More Djs TBA!